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Hello and welcome to my spot! What do you do when times get tough? Do you get going or do you give up? I believe that tough times happen for a reason: to make us tougher! In personal training, my client doesn't know what their strength threshold is unless they lift weights! Same for us, the greater weight we lift, the more we strengthen our spiritual muscle!

Check out my piece below, What Tough People Do In Tough Times. And be sure to let me know your thoughts!

And, just in time for Christmas, my book Brotha2Brotha, Becoming Healthy Men from the Inside Out, and No Glory Without A Story, is now marked down! See the link below.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Support Their Eyes Were Watching Daddy with your purchase of No Glory Without A Story!

For every purchase of No Glory Without a Story,$2 will be donated to Their Eyes Were Watching Daddy, a non-profit support group committed to strengthening father-child relationships!

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